Monday, July 24, 2017

Pictorial - Ariel Liveoak

Ariel is owner of Silverleaf Mesh Sundries, but that's not where I met her.  Let's just say it was one of those late night's where an itch needed scratched and I ran into Ariel and thought she'd be good for the blog.  Glad I did!   Enjoy this pictorial by Ali Fox.  💋

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Pictorial - Solidx

I have to admit I hadn't seen much of Solidx and didn't know much about his work until Sunday asked me the other day if I wanted her to shoot him for the blog.  I agreed and then spent some time looking at his work.  I was obviously missing out on one of the most talented SL erotica photographers.  He also runs an excellent blog

Well, I'm glad that's straightened out...speaking of 'straight out', here's Solidx. 💋

Pictorial by Sunday Whitewood

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Daddy Hired a New Pool Boy

Models:  Isabelle Cheviot & Xalted Violet
Pics & Text:  Isabelle Cheviot

Ugh...spring break and all my friends went to the beach...without me.  My parents took a vacation to Europe (also without me...of course) and insisted I stay home to watch the house.  Great.  Yawn.

 least I'm not the only one stuck here for spring break.  Guess it could be worse - I'm not working.  

I don't recognize that pool guy...oh I remember...Daddy hired a new pool boy, I almost forgot.

The only thing worse than being bored on spring break is working on someone else's pool during spring break! Poor guy!

Hmmm..maybe I'm thinking about this all wrong...he's pretty cute...maybe I can salvage some of my spring break after all! 

" pool boy...can you come over here for a second? I uh...need something." 

Call me a bitch but I took off my top to tease him...I wanted to see how he'd react!  Hey, if you're gonna be a cock tease, go all out, right?

"Hi - what can I help you with?"  I could see him trying not to stare at my tits...and I could also see a bit of a bulge in his pants.  

"Oh,'re new here, aren't you?"  Duh.  

"Yes...I guess it was your father who hired me.  Said something about the last pool guy flirting with his daughter too much."

It was true.

He continued. "Know anything about that, by any chance?"  He was confident if nothing else.

I smiled.  "Maybe..."   

I didn't have to ask him...he whipped off his shirt and showed me those abs...

It was at this point that I said to myself 'why the fuck not...he's cute and I'm bored'. 

So I led him inside to my bedroom and...

 Holy smokes, this guy was hung...I licked the tip of his dick tentatively, unsure I could fit all that into my mouth!  

It turns out that I could.  I took his cock as far into my throat as I least until my gag reflex kicked in.  I suck a lot of cock (I'm in college) so I can handle a lot but jesus this guy was really hung!  I just wrapped my lips snugly around his big shaft, relaxed my throat...and did my thing!

In this case, doing my thing meant stuffing that huge dick inside my mouth...I have to admit, I did struggle with it at first but soon got the hang of it.  Or at least it seemed like it, judging from the way he moaned...

It felt great to be so bad...if only Daddy could see me now!  If he'd let me go to Paris with he and Mother, I wouldn't be home in my bedroom with this complete strangers big cock deep in my mouth.  Like he always tells me...decisions have consequences!


I got down on my knees for this guy...opened wide for him and let him slide his dick on my tongue until he hit the back of my throat.  Yes, I gagged a bit but after awhile I was bobbing my head back and forth like one of those bobble-head dolls...

I have to admit this time I was getting pretty horny.  I let him fuck my mouth for awhile longer and then he pulled out and led me to the bed...

...which is where he gave me a tongue lashing like I'd never had before.  His tongue knew just where to lick me and it wasn't long before I was begging for his cock to fuck me.

I climbed up on top of him and paused just for a moment before sinking down onto his rock hard pole...and when I did it felt so good I almost came right then and there...

I rode that fucker like crazy...I made sure I got every inch of that dick in me too with each bounce.  Yep, I was a little greedy...for sure!

I even pulled out some Kama Sutra me what this is called but it sure feels good!  While in this position he started to rub my clit and I squirted girl-goo all over his dick...fucking amazing!

He bent me over the bed and as he sunk himself deep inside me I couldn't help but wonder where Mom and Dad were right now - maybe they were having coffee at some Parisian cafe?  Guarantee I was having a MUCH better time...maybe even better than all those bitches who left me for the beach.  

Pretty soon, though, shit started to get real.  He grabbed my  hips and really started pounding me.  This guy could fuck!  

I started to cum again...and again...and kinda lost control.  All I wanted was for this guy to keep fucking me ferociously.

I crawled up on the bed and started thrusting back onto ass collided with his body and made the most amazing sounds...and so did he - I could tell he was getting close.

As I thrust back against him, I started to squeeze a bit...clamping down on him...gave him a nice tight feeling while he fucked me back...

I love a good hard fucking but I'm not stupid...I wasn't gonna let this pool boy cum inside me...hell no.  I jerked him off instead, watching spurt after spurt of his thick, creamy spunk shooting from his dick.  

 We laid there awhile...both of us pretty well spent.  I thought about a second round with him but I was ready for a dip in the pool...

"Don't tell your Father about today" he said - "I need this job."

"I won't tell him...but only if you make a stop here every day this week..." I said.

"I'm on spring break!"

Friday, July 21, 2017

Fellatio Friday #48

Hello and welcome to a new, exciting, revolutionary edition of Dog Star Fellatio Friday!!
Why revolutionary? Well, obviously for no reason at all, it's just that it's #48 of this amazing ride, and in my country it is commonly associated with the People's Spring. What can I say: you'll see in fact a lot of people spring to attention in these photos! Otherwise, what are we gonna suck on, lick and bite?

Well ok, the biting is better left to succedanea, like in Mynx - The Oral Fix by Ted Dosei

Good then: now it's time for me to ask you: are you interested in submitting a photo? Join the Dog Star Fellatio Friday Group on flickr! Membership and submissions are controlled to avoid spam. We're only posting one pic per person per week in this gallery, but no limit to how many you can enter in the group poll. The gallery is posted early-ish in the day, so don't fret about being 'late' or not being in it: plenty fantastic photos in this gallery are selected throughout the week and if they do not appear in this one, will pop up in a following one. Pictures must be themed around blowjobs and all models must be human (the caveats one must use for SL!).

Wet and Hungry - Dokielicious Doobie

Bad Crossover Wonder Woman - Lasga Claven

from The Adventures of Supergirl. Starring Kinzee - BigD Elcano

Power Girl BBC Craving from a set by Truck Turner the Mack

Rachacha-eal-el - April Jestyr

3 Is A Magic Number - Marcus Strong (I'll blog this set at least 3 times!)

Eye Candy On The Beach - Kenny MrBigStuph (steamy album here!)

Love, Claire - Harley Snakeankle

Felatio Friday, your P.O.V. - Nikki T

Beach Bitch - Teryl Nox

Blow Beach_005 - Nuur

Wish you were here, NOT! - John Stone

GiveItToMe2 - Wendy Peach

Just a Taste - Riska Demina

from PJ's First Session , an album by Notorious B.E.N. mentioned in his interview for Cathy Palen

@ Home 3/3 - Mylene LeShelle

Examination 12 - Harley Islar

from her Asylum album, BeeQueen Smythe

Here's Dillon and Rachel Avro from the exclusive Prince and Princess of porn photoshoot on the SL Porn blog, by Rachel Swallows

Symmetry  - Ivan Yerkinov

Farm Life - Mera Firelyte

Untitled - PJ Thornton

Nurse & SammyFoxx Taking turns - The Doc-Torr

Feed It To Me - Leannan McCormick

NEEDS - Whippedd Cream

Back & Forth - Alicia Rozales

Goodnight, Big Boy! - Moustique Heartsdale (as also seen in Playhouse)

and we close the post with the latest from the prolific contributor G-Mo, Carla came to visit,  and with another gorgeous view from the top contributor of the FF group, Aria Horan: .They also served - Oz.

Have a wonderful weekend!