Friday, December 15, 2017

Fellatio Friday #69

Hello everyone! It's Friday and it's time for another blog post about Fellatio Friday, brought to you by Dog Star prouductions, one of the few entertainmente franchises not yet being bought by Disney.
This gallery, for those who don't know, shows every Friday photos taken from the vaste pool of the Dog Star Fellatio Friday flickr group (which, as I said again last week, doesn't count towards Flickr's group limits). It's exactly #69, so you can imagine how I would not let this opportunity slip by...

69 bottles on the wall by Monique LeFryGot a little sloppy with my counting, we had to do it over and over again...At least that was the excuse.

What happens in this gallery is that I publish every week one pic per person (unless I fuck up like last week but nobody noticed , phew!), blowjob themed - we do appreciate all sort of suggestive, pre and post pics too! - and this is a nice way to fire off the day for this hot flickr craze. Submissions to the group this week have been again in the triple digits area, so there's a lot to cover and no hope of ever featuring 'every' photo. Those who get picked, are picked with a lot of balancing criteria that should never be taken as an absolute statement about the quality of your work. This week I dug up a few kickass 69 pics, and had to put in a bunch of xmas ones, for instance..but not enough of either for you to get sick of them and exclude all the other amazingly varied contributions! In other words, just look at the photos, and enjoy!

What a mess! - Zuby Gloom

Gym 3 ~ Take a Deep Breath and Hold - Rachel Swallows

Mouthful - Archangel Skytower

It was the only way to stop her singing Christmas Carols - Bech H

Synthetic Ecstasy - Barracuz

Day at the pool1 - Remi Shayde

SLURPIN - keməstrē

Phone Booth FF - Logan OLeary

Convincing Daks - Luke Fortacos

Let it Snow!!! - Melina Jameson

blowjob 2 - SweetSiren ('clean' version too....)

black job_008 - Nuur

from the well produced #2 of Squeeze Magazine , this is Eagerness by Cuore Capalini

Feeling You - Lita Luckless

Fellatio Friday with Kioke Mio - Darnell Carter (follow Kioke in her latest movie!)

Candy Cane Surprise - Moonie - read the description!

Eye On The Balls - Ivan Yerkinov

H&K4 - Anakha

...Honeymoon... - Enki

Sorry about the product placement, but... gotta love some Marcus Strong Brand Coffee !

Jori's Winter Visit Part 1 - Finn Hawthorne

@ Maui Swinger Resort 1/2 - Mylene LeShelle

Anyka and Riska - Hoobs

Kaoru at JP's gym 2 - G-Mo

Fonda perfection on display_003 - Storm Greystoke

Fellatio Fun - Topaz Lemondrop

I said NOW - Misty Rogers

This is from Part Deux by Artfull Zane featuring Cream Release, watch here!

coffee lover Leanna Mai in one of BigD Elcano's so very xmasy pics!

number 007 from Franky Demonge's 3some with Morriana and Kimmi

Lunch with Hoobs - Kimori Korro

Light Table - PJ Thornton

April & Daxie sauna - April Jestyr

Aura Kira, Racheal Rexen and Sil in A Wife for Xmas by MissEmily23

Living on The Edge - Ted Dosei

And I am closing with another couple of 69 photos from my favourites, Plug and Grundle by Curty Dovgal , and Rikki Six's Dedicated to John Persons, showing off all the athletic ability that many of you 69ers, I noticed, like to display!

Have a great weekend of mutual satisfaction!

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Pictorial - Terrance Maurer

Terrance made himself known in the porn community quickly through his super "nice guy" attitude: a real looker, a photographer (here's his flickr stream), he's been a model professional in my experience working with him. Which experience?
Oh, glad you asked! I am of course referring to Mitzy Broadway's Casting Couch project. Terrance is the male lead in 'Set My Sails', Mitzy's latest movie. The full scope of the project can be enjoyed in full watching the episode at this link, starring myself, him and the sexy Kioke Mio. And of course, you may wanna start with the first episode...but I digress.

It's time to take a good look at the handsome Terrance, thanks to another great pictorial by Sunday Whitewood.