Friday, March 23, 2018

Fellatio Friday #83

Hello and welcome to Dog Star Fellatio Friday now going for 83, and counting!
That's a big number. Did you know that when you reach 83, you may celebrate a second bar mitzvah? Heck, we haven't had our first one yet, even! It's on wikipedia, so it is legit. That and 'bark mitzvah' for dogs... You know that this post is by far the best place for you to get informed about religion and world customs, you are welcome.
Okay, enough taking up space for the introductory rambling, let's get on to some mouthwatering porn!

And what better porn for a girl than shoe porn? This is Red Shoes, by Ayara Illios!

Ah, the disclaimer now, right? Fellatio Friday is a  thing, it's on flickr, it's all over the porn groups. Early in the day, we add our 2 cents to it by posting a selection of photos - you show your willingness to partecipate by contacting me and/or submitting your shots to the wonderful Dog Star Fellatio Friday Flickr Group , which you should join anyway because it has the most complete SL BJ collection at over 7000 photos. Like an Internet Mouthfuck DataBase!
You may post as many shots as you like, here we'll publish one per person per week, using our obscure criteria of controlled randomness. Now, let's start with a screenshot from Dog Star's latest series, which has some real focus on oral sex...

If you have not seen Dandelions episode 3 yet, just do!

greed is good - TracI Quandry

Keep Breathing - Ramos Darkfold

LaSombra & Khalid - Khal Dubrovna

Lick it up - Chase Stone

Down Jackie - Adara Avon

Wandering souls found and corrupted - Sandra Palletier

Need that realy Words..... - Nikita Neuman

Samatha Welcome Party 6 - Melanie Araw

Cinderella has Skills - Marcus Strong

Her Glory hole fantasy lived - Stephen Curry

Untitled by Jen llxJenxll

Cocksucker - Penny Tration

Laura Shim Strung Up - Luke Fortacos

Beach with Abs4 - Nichostar

nice lollipop - Sweet Nawty Hon

nightlife - Angel Izkariot

And after collecting vegetables i use them - Sylvia Celestalis (sequel of this!)

mega gay sluts orgy (ah!) - Jimmy Windstorm

Just Havin Fun - Grim Skall

AFTER DINER DESERT_15032018_018 - Carla Draesia

Burning down the house - Penny Kaye

 Wha- What? - Jenna Red

Four times the fun 5 - Mellie Criss

perspective - Dag

This girl can suck - Jonny Hung

Beachside BJ - Curty Dovgal

Bianca rides - Dax Rahl

Banana in the mouth - Melania Avro

Intense fight - Jade Doet

thirsty for love - Tatusia Snowflake

The Moroccan bathtub ... - Koko Tigerauge

Messing with Sasquatch - Cheryl Reddevil

Untitled by Chris Talmighty

Milk of Bane - Sheri Balto

Enough to go around! - Hoobs

And we close now with a seasonal photo by the always wonderful contributor Heather Ashford in Spring Cleaning - FF, and with a welcome surprise appearance of a well known model in this hot shot by Mark Steiner aka mrcanoehead in If I lick it...It's MINE!!

Well fine, but share some? Pass it around? Please?
On that note, please enjoy your hot Friday, remember to attend the parties (today's at Yana's  1-3 PM SLT might be an interesting one...Oh just saying. ) and share your oral adventures!

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Pictorial - Hailey

Hailey is an active role player in the Forgotten Realms game, something I know nothing about.  What I DO know is that she is fucking hot and I am super happy to feature her hotness here today!  💋

Pictorial by Rachel Avro

Friday, March 16, 2018

Fellatio Friday #82

And here we are at another edition of Dog Star Fellatio Friday! This is #82 ! A particularly nice number for italians, when they won their 3rd World Cup in soccer! And....well, that's it, okay? That's literally the only thing I could think of right now. Sheesh, it does show that these intros are the last bit I do when I write the post, and I just wish to get this over with, yeah? Oh shoot, I actually have still to put all the links in. Well, at least I have filled up this space! Follow me now for the disclaimer!

Meanwhile, Mandy gets her fill, thanks to Curty Dovgal! Lucky lucky!

So, you wanna take part to this Fellatio Friday thing? Well, awesome, just post your blowjob photos on Fridays in the porn groups and on Flickr! This particular posts that I publish early on Fridays, is made with pics that come from aaaaaaall over the week tho, and they were submitted to the Dog Star Fellatio Friday group ! Please join it: upload your duuurrrty cocksucking shots and have fun browsing the huuuuge collection of photos we have built in over a year and a half.
I post one pic per person per week tops (unless I f*ck up!) and i dig pretty deep back into the group pool, so....Oh I don't have a follow-up, actually. See you at the bottom!

Here's photo 7'000 of our group! An untitled beauty by Abbie Flagon !

I don't even think I'm in my league here, But I'm so hypnotized by these feelings.
That's from Cameron (Rhiann Soulstar)!

Mommy licking Jose while Puppy watches - Alexis Spice

Fellatio Friday - Playing with the Balls - Cheryl Reddevil

OH HAI..Didnt see you there... - Marcus Strong

His Look - Kisses Karu

And then..  - Goo Mami

Crash my Playa - Chase Stone

Love her cock Happy Fellactio Friday - Sheri Balto

First time with nea 1 - Nicho Star

Day on the Boat! - Hoobs

heat of the night - Dax Rahl

the return of .... Make Me Pose - Cheryl Reddevil - Sasquatch Rhino

A bath you need to clean from - Sandra Palletier

A Chocolate Stick for me..... - Nikita Neuman

A good long swallow - Rachel Swallows

Set the Bar! - Jenna Red

Hair Pulling Blow Job - Alexis Futanari

Kate on Spring Break - Jonny Hung

Untitled by Chris Talmighty

My Binky Bear - Shiv Rage

Lady Joy with Princess Heather 3 - Heather Ashford (and please check the whole set !)

#FutaSelfies - Melanie Araw

 Blacked: Lily - Mandingo Brown

Adora my submissive goddess_001 - Stephen Curry

Saber swallower - Jade Doet

Sucking Sunday-One friday is never enough - Dag

Poolside w Brad - Roo Jyranaut

Postcard from the Edge - Rachel Avro

 Pool Party - Logan OLeary

Suz Is A Very Naughty Girl - Suz

Double Lick_001 - Bane W. Caedus

Double Your Pleasure - Vixxen Rainbow

Now to close the post... I gotta love how inventive people can be, celebrating special days. At least with the title in this Bit of Cream Pi and More by the one and only Ted Dosei ...

And with yet another trip in history by That Horan Tart, Aria Horan, in The Ides of March: At the Games.Well, who would have thought I'd have a gallery celebrating Pi Day and the Ides of March?
Now, in the tradition of "let's close with the one tall shot that would stretch the post too much had I placed it anywhere but at the bottom", here's the grand finale with another photo by the excellent Sparklebottom Lasertits, well equipped with Mouth Fuck (Part 1) ! While, like me, you are waiting for the rest, you may want to check out her art exhibitions, including the monumental self-love project Me Amour and the latest, quite juicy isplay, The Pina Colada Collection, at the Forbidden Fruit Gallery !

Gosh I got so long winded in this post. Thank God it's Friday, tho! Enjoy.